So happy you asked, you sexy human. I am Jordan LeVeck. I’m a wife + momma of a 2 year old tiny terrorist. I am a top income earner w/ an affiliate opp, top recruiter, have recruited close to 1k teammates personally, and have gotten over $50k in personal customer sales in a single month.

But let’s back it up. I was overweight my whole life, 299.9 lbs at my heaviest, and grew up with zero belief in me. I was sexually abused, emotionally abused, and honestly, I didn’t think I was meant for big things. When I lost the weight and became a trainer/nutritionist, I shocked myself with what I was capable of. Then I found this whole online biz thing, and SHIFT HAPPENED. I realized it was a way to take the ceiling off of how many people I could help in a day.

I had no experience, I was NOT a sales person, and I had 0 engagement or following. But I wanted it BAD. So I showed up, spammed my friends, became a spammy butthole, and got blocked. #BlockParty I’ve since learned how to build a successful business/brand, attract people to ME, avoid burnout, and quit being a company billboard or begging friends to buy. I now help others duplicate that while remaining authentic to who they are.

I truly believe that my purpose is to help others shock themselves with what they’re capable of, and I’ll never stop yelling about your worth. You ready to scale to 6 or 7 figures? You ready to stop playing small? Want to learn sales strategies that don’t suck? You hungry for MORE?

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